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The upcoming months are going to be stressful, emotional and challenging for all our education professionals - from the front-line teachers and administrators to the support personnel and the office staff. Our goal is to help your people do their best work so that kids and families can benefit - and your educators don't burn out in the process! 

All modules are available in-person or live virtual. Nothing is pre-recorded - you get Emily, live, each time! ​Below are some popular topics, and custom trainings are always available.



Children and educators today are facing more trauma in their lives than ever before - and it's affecting academic outcomes, social-emotional learning, and the way we experience education across the board. Implementing the tenets of trauma-informed care in your school offers your entire school community - including families, teachers, support staff, and of course students - a positive and affirming experience that acknowledges existing traumas, minimizes re-traumatization in the school setting, and builds resiliency. 

The training is a mix of information presentation and active learning/discussion, including opportunities for individuals to reflect on their own teaching practice and incorporate key learning for immediate implementation. Topics covered include:

  • Trauma Basics

    • Definitions, ACES, statistics, signs & symptoms, risk & protective factors by age/developmental level

  • Types of Trauma

    • Including Racial, Refugee, COVID-19/pandemic, Abuse/Neglect, Bullying and others (individual topics can be fully customized!)

  • Why Trauma-Informed Schools?

    • Including how schools can unintentionally create trauma for students & teachers through curriculum & policy

  • What is a Trauma-Informed School?

    • Including the 6 tenets of TI care, 10 Essential Elements, and the TI Schools Framework

  • Supportive Strategies

    • Strategies teachers can implement to incorporate trauma-informed practice and minimize challenging/aggressive student behaviors

  • Secondary Traumatic Stress & Self-Care

    • What is STS/"compassion fatigue?" How can we protect educators from this very real threat?

This training can be customized in length from 90 minutes to a full day, depending on the depth of learning and strategies covered. Additional, year-long follow-up professional development ("in-services") are also available for some or all educators on your team. 

Sample slides from this training:


Training is a passion of mine! I have several sessions "ready to go" that I am happy to present for your team, or I can develop individualized solutions. Regardless of which route we take, I will work directly with you ahead of the training to learn about your team, select specific areas of focus, and develop an approach that will address your team's particular needs. There's no "canned" training here. 

Potential training topics (not by any means an exclusive list!):

  • Decoding Behaviors - getting to the route of what we're seeing kids do (the "why")

  • Behavior Management Strategies - basic, intermediate and advanced

  • Social Skills Development - helping kids successfully be part of a group

  • Responding to & Debriefing Disclosures - supporting kids, teachers, and families when kids share private information

  • Working with Caregivers - engaging professionally with parents/guardians during challenging situations

  • Individual Behavior Plans - developing situational supports and positive, proactive interventions

  • Structure & Transition - making the day friendly & engaging for all students

  • Creating User-Friendly Environments - sensory & structure supports for students with extra needs

  • Self-Care Strategies for Stressed-out Staff - understanding stress triggers and managing them well

  • De-escalating Serious Situations - keeping adults and students safe, making amends and resetting

  • Replacing Time-Outs with Time-Ins - innovative ways to manage consequences/reparations in the classroom

  • Autism 101 & Techniques/Tips - understanding ASD and how to help individuals with ASD participate successfully

  • Social/Relational Aggression ("Mean Kids"/Bullying/Exclusion) - bullying reduction, understanding/modifying clique culture


Email Emily

Or call/text 781-430-8358

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your team! 

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