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Let me tell you a little about myself! 

I have been involved with summer camps since age 4, and I am passionate about the life-changing opportunities that camps can provide for children. After 15 years, I have recently left my role as Executive Director of Camp Starfish, an amazing non-profit organization that provides summer and year-round programs for children and teens with serious emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges using a 1-to-1 ratio of staff to campers. 


As Executive Director at Starfish, I was responsible for the strategic positioning of the organization, fiscal management, board development, fundraising, program oversight, risk management, and all the management functions that come along with running a $3-million+ dollar non-profit organization. While there, we acquired a permanent property for the camp, developed that property, and built a year-round conference center on site. Until 2012, I was also the Camp Director, and throughout my tenure at Starfish, I had an active, hands-on management role in the day-to-day operations of camp, year-round respite programs, and rental groups.


It was through my work at Starfish that I developed a passion both for training and for special education advocacy. Each year, we produced a 350+ page staff training manual, and a four-week leadership and staff training which prepared thousands of young adults to work safely and effectively with youth that had serious difficulties, as well as to supervise and to teach others these skills. This work was always a highlight of my year. Additionally, spending time with parents, teachers, referrers, and care professionals - as well, of course, as campers - made me realize how lucky we were at Starfish to be able to create a world where children could be successful - something they often did not find in other settings. I became determined to figure out a way to expand that success to the school year by working in the special education advocacy space. 

Regarding education, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MA) and a Master of Science in Camp Administration and Leadership from Touro University (NV).


I am active in the American Camp Association New England section as a Lead Accreditation Standards Visitor, a volunteer on the Fund Development and Conference Committees, a member of the Faculty for the New Camp Directors Workshop, and as facilitator of the Newer Camp Director Roundtable professional development series. I am also proud to serve on two Boards of Directors: the NH Camps Association (member of the state licensing committee), and the Hawkeye Campership Fund (which provides funds for children to attend a leadership and diversity-focused program).


I am a self-selected member of the National Sarcasm Society and an avid collector of terribly awesome puns - something some would call a character flaw but I prefer to regard as a quirk. :) 

Speaking of that are a few of my favorites! Click any thumbnail to expand. 

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ERG Unbelievably Passionate Award
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